ApeArms® are a new Concrete Screed Tool that best enable workers to manually screed concrete efficiently and easily while standing, as opposed to having to bend over or lower themselves to their knees in order to properly level wet concrete. Unlike traditional screeding tools ApeArms® does not require you to bend, and it gives you the leverage you need to manually screed concrete with relative ease. 


  • Stand and Screed “naturally”  Eliminate painful bending and kneeling.
  • Safely use higher slumps Reduce placement efforts, injury and time.
  • Extreme compounding power  Maximum leverage.
  • Safer and better for workers Reduce workload, Injury and fatigue.
  • Prevents awkward body positions Many configuration options without loss of power or control.
  • Ergonomic suitability Comfort and adjustable to all sizes.
  • Many More Benefits, Here.


Vibrating Motor Option

For specific jobs that need vibration, we offer the ApeArms® Vibrating Motor Attachment. Our vibrating attachment can easily be added for those times when you need it. The combination of this motor and our screed tool, applies just the right amount of vibration and leverage to ensure quality flat work. Hook it up and watch your ApeArms® Screed go Ape!



Multiple Configuration Design

A versatile and modular design, makes the ApeArms® Concrete Screed Tool the perfect choice for any concrete leveling job. Have projects where you need to stand and screed? Stand outside the forms? or even screed a wide span? The easy to use ApeArms® screed can handle whatever project you are working on, making it less difficult and more tolerable. It also encourages the productivity of all who use it!  

Revolutionary New Alternative Concrete Screeding Tool

When Screeding concrete, you want to have full control, and powered solutions are not always the answer. Vibrating screeds should never be used on concrete with a slump exceeding 3 inches, and most concrete is laid wetter than a 3 inch slump. There is also a problem with powered concrete tools being heavy at times, hard to deploy, and most of all expensive! There are many contractors out there who need good construction tools, but do not have a huge budget like some of the larger companies. When we designed ApeArms® screeding tool, we had the mid and smaller level contractors in mind, and we also knew that it would be a worthy addition to any larger contractors as well.

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Why ApeArms® Concrete Screed?

We created this product to bridge the gap between the high-priced, overpowered, and sometimes unnecessary power screeds, and the old-fashioned models that force you to bend and make your work uncomfortable. We understand that when screeding concrete is done properly and with the right equipment, the life of any floor will last longer. The most important aspect of a foundation or floor (Flat work) is that it be perfectly level. The goal of anyone working on a home, business, or property is to do the best work, and to do that you need the best tools.

The Right Screed for Every Job!

The job of concrete finishing is not an easy one, but with the right tools for the job it can be more effective and less backbreaking. Leveling concrete does not have to be as hard as it was in the past, and it does not need to be done by expensive machines to have the best finish. With ApeArms® you have the benefits of both worlds, where proper leverage and pressure meets control and focus. Making the job of screeding concrete a more efficient one while making it less stressful was our goal all along, and we believe that goal has been more than achieved.  Now you can Screed Concrete with ease.