A few Interesting facts about Apearms

Apearms will have holes to either screw the screed board into a fixed position or have a couple of optional holes for a simple duplex nail to be used in the event you need a quick fix.

Apearms do not have a vibrating motor that “needs” to be attached,  It does however have an option for a vibe motor when needed.

Apearms are ultra-light, weighing in at close to only 5lbs combined for the set without a screed board.

Apearms compound your efforts making the heavy load of concrete moving much less laborious.

Apearms allow two workers to screed from outside of the forms in the event its ever needed.

Apearms offer more control, typically when you get away from your screed board you start to lose power at every inch you move away from the screed board, well apearms actually give you more control when you start to move to a standing position.

Apearms features important multiple configuration options….we still havent counted them all. Two man operation, one man operation, vibe or not, short or long or use the telescopic adjustment for in between, two workers outside the forms, one long one short etc.

Apearms lowest setting still has great added power and control for the ones who just need to bend.

Apearms are ergonomical and have a great deal of comfort, even under pressure.

Apearms will certainly be safer, faster and all this comes while being affordable.

Apearms has a built in lifting placement control backstrap for when the tool is lifted, and  to place it in a specific spot without it dropping and having to swing it into place.