With over seventeen years in the concrete business, Scott Pardue gained valuable experience in all aspects of laying and finishing concrete, and in the process gained a very important insight into the industry; notably, the lack of equipment to deal with the physical demands placed on the all-important human element of screeding concrete. A wood two-by-four, in and of itself, is not a 21st Century example of a screed. At least it shouldn’t be, yet up until now, that’s exactly what most workers were using.

Enter ApeArms®, a revolutionary concrete leveling tool that is ideally suited for manual concrete finishing jobs, greatly reducing the physical demand on the worker while increasing the quality of the end product. Years of research and development have resulted in what we believe to be the most innovative product offered to the concrete industry in our lifetime.

ApeArms® is an amazingly adaptable tool that offers many significant advantages to the industry. As a company, we are committed to focusing on our customers by working to make ApeArms® a household name in concrete finishing and a resource for contractors worldwide.