ApeArms™ Benefits

Safer for workers!
Concrete can cause skin irritation, serious burns as well as eye injury, Take safety serious and wear protective gear along with using tools that encourage safety.
ApeArms™ helps extend you away from skin contact and lessen potential accidental eye splash.
Increase FF/FL numbers.

While hand screeding near obstructions like plumbing penetrations favorable FF/FL numbers are hard to obtain. You can increase them with better hand equipment like ApeArms™.

Manual “or” vibe screed?

Experiencing screeding difficulties?  You gain ease, strength, and versatility from ApeArms™.
Do you use a vibe screed?
As you know, some projects are too small or simply just don’t call for vibration. ApeArms™ converts to either.
Do you currently stand naturally while using a manual/hand screed?
Stand in a natural stance while working. ApeArms™ compound your efforts and have extreme leverage?

Does your current manual method allow dual operators simultaneously while standing?
ApeArms™ offer dual operation in more ways than one!

Comfort from an adjustable screed.
ApeArms™ adjust up or down in several settings to find that “important” comfortable position.

ApeArms™ “Original” model is telescopic and adjusts from 32″ to 42″ long.
This model allows for a full standing position down to a slight bend depending on settings.

ApeArms™ “LowPro” model is a fixed low position.
Using this model still allows extreme compounding leverage and height! Even though you bend, it gets you off the straightedge by approximately 20″ (this alone adds a great deal of comfort & safety!)

ApeArms™ “Crossover” model offers both fixed and/or adjustable features.
This model is actually two models in one, the “LowPro”
and the “Original”, offering the lowest “fixed” setting, as well as the complete “telescopic” offerings. From 20″ fixed to 32″ to 42″ as desired!
Offers use of two sets with two operators, both adjusting to their “own” desired height (comfort zone).
You really can enjoy your freedom to screed! (standing or bending)

Offers the use of one set with two operators.
Split a set and get outside the forms when needed, each operator can use one section (splitting) for addressing problematic situations.(standing or bending)

Offers a one man, one set operation with extreme leverage at variable heights.
This was the original goal all along, all this other stuff is a bonus. (standing or bending)

ApeArms™ convert any wooden 2×4 or magnesium straightedge into a workhorse, you can also use a 1″x?” or 1.5″x?”. 
Straightedge lengths are determined by the user(s). ApeArms™ help increase length by adding power to the user(s).
ApeArms™ optional Vibe takes the screed to a new level!
As far as we know it’s the only vibe/manual convertible screed on the market!
When we said freedom to screed we meant it! You can go up, down, fixed, vibe, dual, single or split. (Did we miss anything?)
ApeArms™ are a two (2) handled screed.

A single handle can cause torque and /or dipping causing more finishing detail work and complicating favorable FF/FL number requirements, our dual handle model gives you precise control and less torque/dipping if any.

Return on Investment (ROI)
ApeArms™ are extremely affordable. For the “value”, price could never catch up to them! The safety factor alone is enough. They are designed to last, our warranty backs this up.

ApeArms™ Parts
The word
Parts has always bothered us, it implies they will be needed. With ApeArms™ they may never be needed, but if they do, we will have them ready to ship fast to keep you productive.

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