ApeArms™ Benefits

Safer for workers!
Concrete can cause skin irritation, serious burns as well as eye injury, Take safety serious and wear protective gear along with using tools that encourage safety.
ApeArms™ helps extend you away from skin contact and lessen potential accidental eye splash.
Increase FF/FL numbers.

While hand screeding near obstructions like plumbing penetrations favorable FF/FL numbers are hard to obtain. You can increase them with better hand equipment like ApeArms™.

Manual “or” vibe screed?

Experiencing screeding difficulties?  You gain ease, strength, and versatility from ApeArms™.
Do you use a vibe screed?
As you know, some projects are too small or simply just don’t call for vibration. ApeArms™ converts to either.
Do you currently stand naturally while using a manual/hand screed?
Stand in a natural stance while working. ApeArms™ compound your efforts and have extreme leverage?

Does your current manual method allow dual operators simultaneously while standing?
ApeArms™ offer dual operation in more ways than one!

Comfort from an adjustable screed.
ApeArms™ adjust up or down in several settings to find that “important” comfortable position.

ApeArms™ “Original” model is telescopic and adjusts from 32″ to 42″ long.
This model allows for a full standing position down to a slight bend depending on settings.

ApeArms™ “LowPro” model is a fixed low position.
Using this model still allows extreme compounding leverage and height! Even though you bend, it gets you off the straightedge by approximately 20″ (this alone adds a great deal of comfort & safety!)

ApeArms™ “Crossover” model offers both fixed and/or adjustable features.
This model is actually two models in one, the “LowPro”
and the “Original”, offering the lowest “fixed” setting, as well as the complete “telescopic” offerings. From 20″ fixed to 32″ to 42″ as desired!
Offers use of two sets with two operators, both adjusting to their “own” desired height (comfort zone).
You really can enjoy your freedom to screed! (standing or bending)

Offers the use of one set with two operators.
Split a set and get outside the forms when needed, each operator can use one section (splitting) for addressing problematic situations.(standing or bending)

Offers a one man, one set operation with extreme leverage at variable heights.
This was the original goal all along, all this other stuff is a bonus. (standing or bending)

ApeArms™ convert any wooden 2×4 or magnesium straightedge into a workhorse, you can also use a 1″x?” or 1.5″x?”. 
Straightedge lengths are determined by the user(s). ApeArms™ help increase length by adding power to the user(s).
ApeArms™ optional Vibe takes the screed to a new level!
As far as we know it’s the only vibe/manual convertible screed on the market!
When we said freedom to screed we meant it! You can go up, down, fixed, vibe, dual, single or split. (Did we miss anything?)
ApeArms™ are a two (2) handled screed.

A single handle can cause torque and /or dipping causing more finishing detail work and complicating favorable FF/FL number requirements, our dual handle model gives you precise control and less torque/dipping if any.

Return on Investment (ROI)
ApeArms™ are extremely affordable. For the “value”, price could never catch up to them! The safety factor alone is enough. They are designed to last, our warranty backs this up.

ApeArms™ Parts
The word
Parts has always bothered us, it implies they will be needed. With ApeArms™ they may never be needed, but if they do, we will have them ready to ship fast to keep you productive.

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How to screed against a wall

Use Grade stakes as visual depth indicators.

Larger pours should have intermediate elevation points to guide concrete placement. Divide larger pours into sections of 8 to 12 ft. wide, run a very taught string-line between the forms at those intervals. Drive wooden stakes 3 to 5 ft. apart along the string to become your depth indicators. Position of the string is then marked with a screw or duplex nail partially driven into the stake. A second screw/nail located 1 in. above the first as a backup indicator in the event the first screw/nail is buried. Leave roughly 4 in. of stake above the string so that you can pull it out during the pour. At the section against the wall that has no screed guide or form you may use a bond break that can help keep elevation as well. Using a 1/2-in.-thick asphalt-impregnated fiberboard to the foundation at slab height.

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Defining FF/FL Numbers

Floor flatness -FF control the local bumpiness of the floor surface and is primarily affected by finishing operations after screeding, including restraightening and power floating. FF numbers evaluate the elevation differences along a test line at 1-foot intervals. F numbers start from zero to infinity so the higher the F number, the flatter the floor.

Floor levelness -FL control departure of floor surface from the specified slope or plane of the surface. FL numbers evaluate the elevation differences along a sample line at 10-foot intervals. The higher the FL number, the more level the floor.

FF-FL numbers are most difficult to achieve in hard to work areas such as around plumbing, narrow work areas and areas where equipment is hard to deploy.


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Sand Screed

ApeArms Sand Screed can be used both in concrete and sand applications. When it comes to screeding sand for pavers or when needing to level off sand or soil for any flatwork situations you may want to consider ApeArms for the task. You get a great deal of control and added power with this tool. ApeArms are designed in such a way that they allow you to have extra control and achieve the flatness you desire. This manual sand screed gives workers a great deal of comfort and offers anti-fatigue for the laborious task of working heavy sand, soils and concrete. ApeArms manual Sand Screed can accept wooden or Magnesium 2×4, 2×6 or 1 3/4x 3 3/4 planks up to 20′ long or more and can be a one or two man operating tool. This manual Sand Screed tool can be used in several configurations to help solve many of the problems workers face from day to day. When you need flatwork fast and easy while offering safety, you need ApeArms!

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How to Screed a Floor

Once a floor surface is poured with concrete, the following step to make the job complete, is to have the concrete leveled off evenly. This procedure is done with the use of a concrete screed. Screeding a floor is not a simple job to do, but with the proper tools required for the job, the task can be a lot easier for anyone to do. A floor can be leveled with the use of a simple wooden two by four, a motorized vibrating machine, or a more up to date screeding tool can be used. Using a tool such as ApeArms™ will allow a worker to labor with less strain, and will enable them to complete the job more efficiently. Whether you have the experience to do the job of leveling a floor, or you are performing it for the first time, screeding a floor correctly is a laborious task. There are many concrete tools that a contractor or worker can use to screed depending on the size of the job. Screeds come in different sizes and configurations, and some of them can be adjusted for various leveling needs. Working with the appropriate screed will make the job a lot less straining on the worker. A screed that is used to do the job, should have the ability to finish the process before any water rises to the top of the mix and in order to level a floor properly. The screeding should start as soon as the concrete is poured. Once the concrete is poured, you will then need to slowly work your way across, or down, the surface with the use of your screed and try to get any of the excess concrete to go into the areas that need more of it to fill in any of the gaps or holes. When this procedure is completed, your screeding job is done. If you did your job properly, you will finish just in time for the drying of the concrete to start.

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Welcome to the Home of ApeArms™ screeding tool

We are happy to introduce our concrete industry blog, and hope you learn something about the contracting business during your stay here. This blog will be dedicated to writings about various concrete finishing tools, construction tools, and helpful contracting information. The content written here will be a valuable resource of information on work safety, tips and tricks, and the practices of the concrete industry as well as other construction industries that are related. Viewers of all types will find this information both informative and entertaining, and will be able to gain a better insight into just how the world is being built every day.

We are happy to be bringing you this information on our beloved industry, on the behalf of the revolutionary new screeding tool the “ApeArms™”! We hope you enjoy your stay, and that you take with you some good advise and information about the construction industry. Whether you are a do-it-yourselfer who wants to learn more about building and construction, or you are a long time industry laborer, it is our hope that you learn something new by reading here.

While our main focus will be on the concrete industry and construction tools, we will cover a lot on workplace safety and contracting business operation. Our target readers are those that work in the industries we know and love, and we want to help everyone stay informed when it comes to the latest innovations and techniques used in building.


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Screed offers benefits like no other

Use it as a one person screed with great compounding power.
Use as a two person screed with great compounding power.
Can be used with higher slumps, leaving the aggregate just below the surface, producing a durable concrete surface.
Can be used as a two person screed with ONE handle each, in the event you need to be outside the forms while screeding. (Standing)
Use it as a fixed long length or a fixed short length, both of which have great compounding powers.
Has several telescopic adjustments to help find that sweet spot for comfort.
Offers vibrating options for any of the above configurations and is switchable from one to the other.
Has ergonomic comfort, you don’t lose power when you stand, as a matter a fact you gain power and control using it! Perfect for around obstacles or troubled areas. One screed offers all that. Sounds like I’m bragging huh?

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New Concrete Tools

New Concrete Tools
Contractors and Dealers are searching for New Concrete Tools to help gain a competitive edge along with having the best offerings. The economy is trying to improve, tools are a great way to help the Contractor, Dealers who sell them, and the product delivery. Great new concrete tool ideas help contractors because it usually shaves time off of a job, saving labor costs and increasing profits. The Dealer gains the same basic principal with more and more Contractors searching for New Concrete tools to save, it in turn helps the Dealer in the sales department.
A deeper look at buying new concrete tools, look at things like Quality, Safety, Speed, all of which help gain better margins. Quality gains company strength, Safety helps the worker be more productive and less injury prone, Speed gains a favorable bottom line, and with benefits such as this a Dealer is obviously going to need this type of inventory. A “good” Concrete Tool pays for itself, a “really good” concrete tool pays for itself quickly! ApeArms Screed pays for itself in most instances during the first or second USE…..very quick.

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