Manual Concrete Screed

Sometimes a manual Concrete screed is the only way, as a matter a fact manual screeding is probably the most used method of screeding concrete today. Most screeds have specific applications and are great for that purpose. We wanted to take the “most used” method and give it a HUGE boost! ApeArms concrete Screed is the tool that offers this now. It takes a regular wooden or magnesium 2×4 screed board and gives it power…your MAN power. The design does not hinder the same quality as when using it in the difficult awkward bent over position except you can stand and actually gain power and control. This was important to us when working around obstacles like plumbing stubs and narrow area or working with one side against a wall.
 ApeArms manual Screed is just that…Manual. ApeArms can easily become a vibrating screed if you add the vibrating attachment, It’s very versatile and makes good business sense. Now that you can stand I’m sure it’s easy enough to see some of the safety benefits. We obviously have an interest in selling this tool but honestly we have another interest and that’s just as important to us, it’s getting a better product into your hands. It’s has a lot to offer and helps you prevent the awkward position when screeding, it lessens the work load because it compounds.

When we were in our peak of concrete work and the time came to screed we were usually disappointed with the tools we had to do this with and somehow always used the handy 2by4 cut to length, even with our $1800 power screed sitting in the truck, It’s not that the power screed was a bad tool…it was and is a great tool except for the times when you don’t need to vibrate, then you have an anchor. We love the fact you can screed with or without a vibrating heavy motor with ApeArms. ApeArms allow you to work in your “Natural” position. This is a safer way to work, an easier way to work and preferred way to work. You will love what we’ve done.

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Screed Handles

Have you ever tried to make a set of concrete Screed Handles? Have you ever noticed that they don’t generally work very well? Ours never did. We experienced this problem for years, we realized that when you add a set of screed handles to a screed board you start to lose control and power extremely fast at every inch you get away from the screed board. We’ve seen some fairly good attempts at making Screed Handles, mainly the ones with a pair of grade stakes acting as Screed handles. We wanted to screed with a 2×4 and not move to a Vibe, Roller or laser type screed when we were happy with the results we were currently getting, we didn’t want to stand at the cost of having to have a motor or heavy parts weigh us down, sometimes it’s just easier to do it the hard way, if that makes any sense.
What we came up with, was a set of Screed Handles that were originally intended to prevent you from losing power and control while using a 2×4 type wooden or magnesium screed board, what we ended up doing was accomplishing our goal along with some extras….we didn’t realize we would stand and get “more power and control” then the old way, we greatly compounded the power and control so much so, that we needed to pass it along to other contractors. Today you can see these Screed Handles at They are way less expensive than the vibe options and even have a vibe attachment for those who need it from time to time and still are more affordable with great results and versatility.
These handles bring a huge benefit of versatility to the table. Things like splitting a set of handles to where one is at each end of the board allowing you to work outside the forms, or, two sets on a long run with one worker at each end with a set each. These also adjust up and down for the taller guys working with the shorter guys, they can work with equal momentum. We are proud of all the backs we can help save with this tool.

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ApeArms Article

This link is to an article that came out in a Magazine about ApeArms.

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What is a Screed

Screed is a word with multiple uses inside and outside the concrete industry,  with very broad ranges of meaning.  But specific to this discussion, screed means a concrete tool used to strike off  uncured concrete.

There are several types of screed tools, with varying levels of complexity and sophistication.  The most basic screed tool is a readily-available,  inexpensive, and simple wood 2×4 that is pulled across the surface of wet concrete to smooth it out before final finishing.  Slightly more advanced are screeds constructed of aluminum or magnesium. Although these types offer a bit more precision and durability than their wooded counterparts, both options are physically demanding, and unfortunately the most commonly-used methods to date.

Beyond simple hand screed tools, there are a host of other tool options that usually have their own place in a concrete contractor’s tool arsenal.  Each option needs to be weighed against the project scope, type of concrete mix, and desired finishing quality.

Seaco Solutions has developed the perfect addition to the simple and laborious wood or metal hand screed method, providing ultimate comfort and control while allowing the user to stand during the entire screed process.  We proudly introduce to you the ApeArms Screed tool, the ultimate solution to the age-old problem of concrete finishing. Our amazing tool offers you the ability to do your job faster with better results, with far more control than ever before.


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A few Interesting facts about Apearms

Apearms will have holes to either screw the screed board into a fixed position or have a couple of optional holes for a simple duplex nail to be used in the event you need a quick fix.

Apearms do not have a vibrating motor that “needs” to be attached,  It does however have an option for a vibe motor when needed.

Apearms are ultra-light, weighing in at close to only 5lbs combined for the set without a screed board.

Apearms compound your efforts making the heavy load of concrete moving much less laborious.

Apearms allow two workers to screed from outside of the forms in the event its ever needed.

Apearms offer more control, typically when you get away from your screed board you start to lose power at every inch you move away from the screed board, well apearms actually give you more control when you start to move to a standing position.

Apearms features important multiple configuration options….we still havent counted them all. Two man operation, one man operation, vibe or not, short or long or use the telescopic adjustment for in between, two workers outside the forms, one long one short etc.

Apearms lowest setting still has great added power and control for the ones who just need to bend.

Apearms are ergonomical and have a great deal of comfort, even under pressure.

Apearms will certainly be safer, faster and all this comes while being affordable.

Apearms has a built in lifting placement control backstrap for when the tool is lifted, and  to place it in a specific spot without it dropping and having to swing it into place.



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Magnesium or Wood ?

What do you use? Why? Various types of screed boards are used by many for different reasons, many like a good magnesium screed to finish off concrete projects while others prefer the old school way with a wooden 2×4, both have some good advantages and disadvantages. I suspect the good ole wooden 2×4 is the most used way of screeding off concrete because it is so readily available and can be cut to size quickly for any particular project. A mag screed is preferred by many and does more of a quick seal off when used. Before I say to much I want some feedback from you.
Magnesium or Wood?
I know there are the roller screeds and the Vibrating screeds etc but I’m talking specifically about the manual hand held types that are most used today

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Apearms Warranty

When you buy a Seaco Solutions, LLC product you can buy with confidence! Seaco Solutions takes extreme pride in our products. We design and engineer all of our products to exceed the demands of the toughest contractors. We use the best materials we can find to exceed a quality contractors grade. We will typically have a (1) one year manufacturers warranty,  “BUT”  if you ever feel that we fell short in performance, we will replace or upgrade your model at our descretion at any time providing you have proof of purchase with a date and authorized dealer. We want 100% thrilled! Not just satisfaction! Customer service is a priority with us.

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World of Concrete 2014

World of concrete

We just secured our booth at World of Concrete,  We will be booth # 12309 in the South Hall at World of Concrete ~ January 20-24, 2014 Las Vegas Convention Center,  stop by and see us! We will have ApeArms Screed set up in several configurations for you to get a hands on feel for what they will do. Be sure to stop by and enter for a chance to win a set to take home! We will have several winners! You can also enter through a secondary drawing on this website, Be sure to put “I want to win ApeArms” in the message box and dont forget contact info. Thanks and see you soon!   Be sure to visit the link and map out your visit to get full benefit from the show.

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