Vibe Screed vs Manual Screed

How about both?

It’s no lie that screeding concrete is hard work. If you have an employee that volunteers to do it, pay him more! But you will more than likely find yourself with the problem of everyone pointing to theĀ  “new guy”. Screeding concrete is hard, tools are expensive and at times are not worth the money or effort, typically they’re either an over or under performing tool. I can also tell you I know of a tool that will actually find that worker that will volunteer. I’m here to tell you it’s possible to find a tool that offers the power when needed as well as just the basics needed for many screeding projects. No kidding! This tool does everything I say it will do. It has power without the motor, yes, you can have a vibe motor attached but you can also take it off when you dont need it (try that with others)

The real hat trick here is the fact that Apearms Utility Patented Design has huge compounding benefits. The worker can press with the hands while lifting with the arms taking half the effort in each direction all while STANDING. He is literally pushing and pulling at the same time while creating an easier, safer workload, with twice the results….thats a free concrete finishing employee right there!

A worker can easily do twice the work for a happy boss with much less exerted energy for a happy employee. Happy Boss, Happy Employee, Easier, Safer workplace, twice the results, extremely affordable. What am I missing? We may need to limit the amount you can order.Ā  šŸ˜‰

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