Welcome to the Home of ApeArms™ screeding tool

We are happy to introduce our concrete industry blog, and hope you learn something about the contracting business during your stay here. This blog will be dedicated to writings about various concrete finishing tools, construction tools, and helpful contracting information. The content written here will be a valuable resource of information on work safety, tips and tricks, and the practices of the concrete industry as well as other construction industries that are related. Viewers of all types will find this information both informative and entertaining, and will be able to gain a better insight into just how the world is being built every day.

We are happy to be bringing you this information on our beloved industry, on the behalf of the revolutionary new screeding tool the “ApeArms™”! We hope you enjoy your stay, and that you take with you some good advise and information about the construction industry. Whether you are a do-it-yourselfer who wants to learn more about building and construction, or you are a long time industry laborer, it is our hope that you learn something new by reading here.

While our main focus will be on the concrete industry and construction tools, we will cover a lot on workplace safety and contracting business operation. Our target readers are those that work in the industries we know and love, and we want to help everyone stay informed when it comes to the latest innovations and techniques used in building.


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