Choosing proper “slump” for concrete

Concrete’s mixture is paste and aggregate all mixed together. The paste is composed of cement and water that coats the sand and aggregate, when mixed all together, you have concrete! The mixed ratios are what makes the concrete workable and determines it’s integrity and quality. The various mixes and slump values also determine the workload on the workers.
Concrete Back, knee, wrist or even shoulder pain or injury.
becomes more and more difficult to place depending on the lower “slump” values, the lower the slump the more difficult it is to work and place. It’s very important to not fall into the “make it easier” mentality during this time, far to many workers raise the slump level to assist in the laborious task of spreading out concrete easier (understandably), but it comes at a cost! The higher (wetter) the slump the weaker the concrete is, it takes as much as twice the physical labor to place it when lower slumps are held. There is an art of finding the right slump to place it while it maintains it’s integrity along with easing the workload. Many workers in concrete have little choice when it comes to using the body to do this repetitive, awkward, high force type motions that will at some point create
Paying attention to this can increase the safety of an employee and also result in quality workmanship and product delivery. When concrete can be used with a higher slump value its easier to place because it will reduce the pulling efforts. Always use concrete with the highest slump that ensures quality while at the same time reduces unnecessary work. Worker safety and quality product can be achieved when using proper tools. Always search through specialty industry related tool supply houses for such products.

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Screed Tool

Concrete Screed Tools are evolving. Many contractors choose them for comfort while others choose them for the results. Today we have many Screed Tools to choose from that offer both. The ergonomical design of the Screed Tool is more user friendly today than it was years ago. The new Screed Tools can be used in an upright position and is faster, Safer and more effective in the leveling of concrete, resulting in a more desirable, professional finish to your Flatwork.
Today’s Screed Tools are making conventional methods of screeding concrete with the constant bending of back and knees, a thing of the past! When screeding and finishing concrete be sure to choose the best Screed Tool.

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What is a Concrete Screed?

Concrete screeds are tools that are used to flatten the surface of freshly poured concrete. Most commonly, screeds have  been a straight wooden 2×4 that is moved backwards manually as it levels.  This method is the most commonly used for several reasons, it can be used on any concrete and is readily available and does a good job as it has for a hundred years, There IS a reason its still used so widely even today.


Power Screeds are another option and work well when they are able to be used. Many company’s market motors that attach to the top of a 2×4  to make it vibrate. Vibration helps to separate the aggregate from the cream to help acquire a nice finish and to replace some of the physical  labor involved in smoothing out the concrete.This method needs to be done carefully as to not over vibrate.This process can ONLY vibrate, no taking the motor off for that smaller project that just needs a simple screeding. Vibrating/Power screeds should never be used on concrete with a slump exceeding 3 inches, so, you find yourself needing a 2×4.

Roller Screeds are usually an  aluminum tube that can spin/roll across a surface and level concrete. This type of unit gives a nice finish and is fairly easy to operate but has bulky, cumbersome parts to deploy and not always what is needed for moderate to small projects. A lot like the Power screed, it’s bulky and has gas and/or electric motors that can fail, not the best choice for covering the majority of various flat work.
Just about every screed on the market has it’s place and we don’t think any one screed will cover over all tasks 100% but if we could only choose one it would be Apearms.
Apearms can utilize the Vibrating option, or, the manual option, it has the best power when used without any vibrating and it has many configurations to meet the needs of most jobs, one can stand and not give up any control. Apearms are priced right for anyone to afford. They can easily become a Standard in the concrete industry

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Vibe Screed vs Manual Screed

How about both?

It’s no lie that screeding concrete is hard work. If you have an employee that volunteers to do it, pay him more! But you will more than likely find yourself with the problem of everyone pointing to the  “new guy”. Screeding concrete is hard, tools are expensive and at times are not worth the money or effort, typically they’re either an over or under performing tool. I can also tell you I know of a tool that will actually find that worker that will volunteer. I’m here to tell you it’s possible to find a tool that offers the power when needed as well as just the basics needed for many screeding projects. No kidding! This tool does everything I say it will do. It has power without the motor, yes, you can have a vibe motor attached but you can also take it off when you dont need it (try that with others)

The real hat trick here is the fact that Apearms Utility Patented Design has huge compounding benefits. The worker can press with the hands while lifting with the arms taking half the effort in each direction all while STANDING. He is literally pushing and pulling at the same time while creating an easier, safer workload, with twice the results….thats a free concrete finishing employee right there!

A worker can easily do twice the work for a happy boss with much less exerted energy for a happy employee. Happy Boss, Happy Employee, Easier, Safer workplace, twice the results, extremely affordable. What am I missing? We may need to limit the amount you can order.  😉

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