ApeArms® screeding tool

Making the job of concrete finishing easier, safer, and less strenuous. ApeArms® are designed to be lightweight, durable, and easily adjustable. This unique tool allows for more leverage, and maneuverability than traditional screeds. It is easily able to compound any exerted effort, making the work load of concrete finishing much easier. The adjustable length and firm grip that it has makes it possible for you to stand without giving up any control or maneuverability, which makes screeding a lot less of a problematic finishing step. ApeArms® concrete leveling tool is made to last, and it is strong enough to handle any job you can think of. Leveling concrete can be demanding on both the worker and the tool, so ApeArms® are designed to take the strain and abuse while acting an an extension of your own arms, which gives maximum control. While hand screeding near obstructions like plumbing penetrations – favorable FF/FL numbers are hard to obtain. You can increase them with better hand equipment like ApeArms®

Of all the different concrete finishing tools on the market, ApeArms® is simply one of the latest and greatest additions to this industry that is made to handle manual screeding work with less stress on the worker. It has several accessories and additional options that make it even more versatile than most other tools, and is built modularly to allow for easy part replacement. The design also accounts for comfort while working, which is important for those long jobs. While the main benefit of this product remains to be it’s focus on allowing you to stand when screeding, there are so many features that help make it a must have tool in any concrete contractor or workers arsenal.


Major Product Features:

  • Design that enables adjustment of length to stand while screeding.
  • Lightweight design for easy carrying and deployment for any job.
  • High quality materials that make it durable enough for all concrete leveling jobs.
  • Modular design for easy repair, replacement, or upgrading.
  • Comfortable grip system for those long hard jobs.
  • Designed for maximum leverage, so that your work is less strenuous and hard.
  • Easily maneuverable design allows for maximum control over your work.
  • Affordably priced so anyone can enjoy the benefits that it offers.
  • Vibe or non-vibe ability.
  • Ergonomic.
  • One “or” two man operation.
  • Quick connect/disconnect.
  • Telescopic/Adjustable.
  • Dual point of contact helps prevent dips, humps and screed board hang-ups/torques.


  • Safely use higher slumps to reduce placement efforts, injury and time.
  • Stand and Screed “naturally” reduces painful bending and kneeling.
  • Extreme compounding power Eases workload by giving proper leverage.
  • Safer and better for workers ~ Reduced workload, injury potential and fatigue.
  • Prevents awkward body positions ~ Many configuration options without loss of power or control.
  • Ergonomic suitability for workers Comfort and safety.
  • Gain power and control while standing “or” bending.
  • Speeds up the screeding process.
  • Tool adjusts to worker, not worker to tool.
  • Easy to deploy and clean.
  • Use wood, magnesium or aluminum boards.
  • Maneuvers easier with better leverage.
  • Affordability and rapid ROI.

Once you see exactly what ApeArms® has to offer as a product, you understand that you simply cannot afford to go without owning this important concrete finishing tool. Any contractor who is serious about concrete finishing and results will easily understand that this unique screed is a must have tool.

Choose one of three models;
ApeArms™ “Original model is telescopic and adjusts from 32″ to 42″ long. This model allows for a full standing position down to a slight bend depending on settings.

ApeArms™ “LowPro model is a fixed low position. Using this model still allows extreme compounding leverage and height! Even though you bend, it gets you off the straightedge by approximately 20″ (this alone adds a great deal of comfort & safety!)

ApeArms™ “Crossover model offers both fixed and/or adjustable features. This model is actually two models in one, the “LowPro and the “Original”, offering the lowest “fixed” setting, as well as the complete “telescopic” offerings. From 20″ fixed to 32″ to 42″ as desired!


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ApeArms are a two handled Screed.
The handles are identical so there is no right or left.
ApeArms® adjust from 32″ fully collapsed to 42″ fully extended.
They have intermittent adjustments every 3″. (except LowPro model)
From hand to screed board collapsed is 18″ to 20″.
From hand to screed board extended is 42″.
3 Quick connects per side, one for board holder, one for arm assembly, one for telescopic section.
6061-T6 aluminum telescopic section.
Specially blended Nylon-Glass handle and knuckle assembly.
Designed for wood, mag/alum 2-by-4 boards from 1.5-by-3″ – upto 6″ also, fits thinner boards.
ApeArms® are extremely light at less than 5lbs per set without screed board.
ApeArms® should only be used for what they were designed for.
User’s should always wear required safety equipment, safety glasses, gloves, hard hats, etc.
ApeArms® users should always rotate heavy workloads between several workers as to not over work the body.
For any questions relating to your project or the product design please call and we will help.
When using particular board lengths always split the lengths evenly between workers. If only one worker, find center and split handles between 18″ and 22″ apart. always split board evenly regardless how many workers.
Never over tighten any parts including board bolt, little is needed to hold it.

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