How to Screed a Floor

Once a floor surface is poured with concrete, the following step to make the job complete, is to have the concrete leveled off evenly. This procedure is done with the use of a concrete screed. Screeding a floor is not a simple job to do, but with the proper tools required for the job, the task can be a lot easier for anyone to do. A floor can be leveled with the use of a simple wooden two by four, a motorized vibrating machine, or a more up to date screeding tool can be used. Using a tool such as ApeArms™ will allow a worker to labor with less strain, and will enable them to complete the job more efficiently. Whether you have the experience to do the job of leveling a floor, or you are performing it for the first time, screeding a floor correctly is a laborious task. There are many concrete tools that a contractor or worker can use to screed depending on the size of the job. Screeds come in different sizes and configurations, and some of them can be adjusted for various leveling needs. Working with the appropriate screed will make the job a lot less straining on the worker. A screed that is used to do the job, should have the ability to finish the process before any water rises to the top of the mix and in order to level a floor properly. The screeding should start as soon as the concrete is poured. Once the concrete is poured, you will then need to slowly work your way across, or down, the surface with the use of your screed and try to get any of the excess concrete to go into the areas that need more of it to fill in any of the gaps or holes. When this procedure is completed, your screeding job is done. If you did your job properly, you will finish just in time for the drying of the concrete to start.