Multiple Configuration Design

ApeArms® screed not only allow you the freedom to stand and screed. You can vibrate as you stand and screed, or adjust to many different heights. There are many variations that will conform to a particular problem you may be facing on a project. ApeArms® can be used as a two by two where two workers divide up say; a 16 foot straightedge and screed in unison, each using a set of ApeArms. You can also split so the two workers can each use one arm from the ApeArms® screed, to each work from outside the forms.

ApeArms® can be used in such a way that one worker can be very low while the other is set in a tall position. In the past we had scenarios where one worker was in a ditch while the other was standing near elevation and trying to screed as a team. You can now have settings that will adjust to two various heights of workers. You can add vibe or choose not to vibe at your discretion.

You will see that there are many configurations that can be utilized to address problems you may have, or that you may run into. Do not get caught without at least a pair in your concrete tools set. ApeArms® are a concrete tool that are proudly made in the USA, as well as made in a nearly indestructible manner. However, in the event they get damaged we offer parts to bring you back to speed without having to buy a new set….even though the ROI is remarkably fast! As a matter a fact the Price can never catch the Value.


As if a multiple configuration design wasn’t enough, we designed three separate models to fine tune the tool to best help meet your needs and to not pay for features you may not need.

ApeArms® “Original model is telescopic and adjusts from 32″ to 42″ long. This model allows for a full standing position down to a slight bend depending on settings. The original workhorse.
ApeArms® “LowPro model is a fixed low position. Using this model still allows extreme compounding leverage and height! Even though you bend, it gets you off the straightedge by approximately 20″ this alone adds a great deal of comfort & safety! Sure to be a favorite.
ApeArms® “Crossover
model offers both fixed and/or adjustable features. This model is actually two models in one, the “LowPro and the “Original, offering the lowest “fixed” setting, as well as the complete “telescopic” offerings. From 20″ fixed to 32″ to 42″ as desired! This one is for the creative contractor who does it all.