Vibrating Motor Attachment

We are proud to tell you that our ApeArms Screed gives you the freedom to either vibrate or not vibrate concrete, We know that concrete work doesn’t always need this feature, so we made it an additional attachment for our unique concrete screed. We wanted this to be separate, so that you have the freedom and comfort to stand and screed with or without a vibrating attachment. In the past, we were very frustrated at the idea of owning an expensive vibe screed and not being able to use it, because the job specs called for no vibration. Or perhaps we had a project where we didn’t want to vibe but wanted to stand, the vibe screed was the only standing screed we had, so that made it useless for manual work. With the modularity of our vibrating system, you can choose to stand and screed with or without vibrating! When hand screeding near obstructions like plumbing penetrations – favorable FF/FL numbers are hard to obtain. You can increase them with better hand equipment like ApeArms™.

The vibrating attachment can be used in several variations. It finally allows you to have the much needed freedom, to tackle the many types of screeding problems one runs into as a concrete contractor.