What is a Screed

Screed is a word with multiple uses inside and outside the concrete industry,  with very broad ranges of meaning.  But specific to this discussion, screed means a concrete tool used to strike off  uncured concrete.

There are several types of screed tools, with varying levels of complexity and sophistication.  The most basic screed tool is a readily-available,  inexpensive, and simple wood 2×4 that is pulled across the surface of wet concrete to smooth it out before final finishing.  Slightly more advanced are screeds constructed of aluminum or magnesium. Although these types offer a bit more precision and durability than their wooded counterparts, both options are physically demanding, and unfortunately the most commonly-used methods to date.

Beyond simple hand screed tools, there are a host of other tool options that usually have their own place in a concrete contractor’s tool arsenal.  Each option needs to be weighed against the project scope, type of concrete mix, and desired finishing quality.

Seaco Solutions has developed the perfect addition to the simple and laborious wood or metal hand screed method, providing ultimate comfort and control while allowing the user to stand during the entire screed process.  We proudly introduce to you the ApeArms Screed tool, the ultimate solution to the age-old problem of concrete finishing. Our amazing tool offers you the ability to do your job faster with better results, with far more control than ever before.